Family Photo - St. Simons Island

Family Photo - St. Simons Island

Saturday, February 13, 2010

6 Months Ago...

It is almost impossible for me to believe what happened 6 months ago. 6 months ago, I was sitting on a purple birth ball with my hands on my belly bouncing away by the door to our porch in the moonlight. I had just taken a walk down the street with David in the August humidity, and I was convinced that "this baby" was "never coming out." Hours later at 3:12 AM, I sat up in bed, and my water broke. 10 hours of natural labor, 10 hours of unnatural labor, an attempt at a vacuum birth, and a c-section later, we had our precious Mollie Rose in our arms.

I cannot believe how the time has flown by. It hasn't just flown by- it has zoomed by! It is almost like the time moved as quickly as a space ship in a sci-fi movie when it goes into warp speed. You know- when they hit a button and the stars start shooting by like white streaks.

In 6 months, we have gone from:
Going out to eat way to much and lingering in the restaurant until we felt leaving,
Laying on the couch watching absolutely nothing on t.v. for absolutely no reason,
Sleeping on the same floor of the house,
Never going upstairs,
Driving to Atlanta and other locations on a whim,
Going to church and staying in the pew until mass was over,
Singing/Playing in the choir every week,
Making meals together,
Going on dates a lot,
Going to movies when we felt like it,
Loathing the midi-esque music that accompanies children's toys,
Watching an entire t.v. show uninterrupted without getting up,
Playing with the dog without picking things up from the floor,
Both riding in the front of the car,
Going on shopping excursions,
Taking naps,
Going to sleep around 9 or 10 and waking up for work at 6 or sleeping in until 10!

Going out to eat 3 times in 6 months and picking up A LOT of carryout,
Sitting on the couch to nurse a baby what ANYTHING that is on t.v. and liking it,
Sleeping in different rooms since December (weaning to Daddy),
Going up and down the stairs all the time,
Driving more than 30 minutes away twice since July,
Rarely sitting in the same pew together for more than 15 minutes at a time at church,
Playing at one wedding at church in January,
One of us cooking/eating at a time,
Going out twice since Mollie was born,
Going to a movie once (see above!),
Finding the music on Mollie's toys "endearing",
Watching "Lost" on Hulu in 1.5 hours, in 15 minute intervals,
Playing with the dogs outside/hiding Mollie's squeak toys,
Getting used to riding in the backseat and communicating through the rear-view mirror,
Going shopping at the mall once alone, once as a couple, and once as the three of us,
NAP? What's that?,
Going to sleep at 10 or 3 or 8 or 11 or...
Waking up at 4 or 3 or 10 or 5:45

You know what though? I wouldn't trade the last 6 months for ANYTHING. They have been the most difficult 6 months, the most challenging 6 months, the most amazing 6 months, the most life-changing 6 months, and the most loving 6 months. They have been pure joy. What a gift.
Happy 6 month birthday, Mollie Rose!

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