Family Photo - St. Simons Island

Family Photo - St. Simons Island

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Finally! My business on my terms!

I have adored photography for years. It has always frustrated me a little because I have wanted to do it more, but I haven't had the means to do so. Well, I've done it. My LLC paperwork is underway, I have my website, I am learning all I can, and I am making it happen. I want it to happen. I am feeling satisfied again in my life. Don't get me wrong- there is nothing more in my life that I love more than being Mollie's mother. I just haven't done ANYTHING for myself in ages. I don't know when the last thing was that I did for myself or that I really wanted to do. I feel like I have been given a swift shove towards endless possibilities. Finally!

Please visit my website at and let me know what you think!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Please Help!

I hate to ask anyone for anything, but a few seconds of your time would mean so much to us! We entered Mollie in 102.1's cutest baby contest that could win her the position of being Rattles and Rhymes' spokes-baby position and some nice prizes. All you have to do is click on the link, create a simple login, and then go to "click here to vote", choosing "Mollie". (Her photo is the one of a baby in a light green/blue polo dress crawling on a boardwalk.)

You can vote once a day, and your vote would be very much appreciated. Please feel free to send the link and her info to your friends and family. The only way for her to win is with your help! Thank you a million times over!

Rachel and David

Sunday, July 11, 2010

St. Simons Vacation

We took Mollie to the beach for the first time from July 6th-9th. We have been terrified of how she would do on the car trip to St. Simons Island. Would she scream? Would she flip-out? She actually did really well! We were blessed that she played with toys for 2 hours, napped for an hour or so, and then played for a little while longer before we stopped for lunch at our favorite Thai restaurant in Savannah, The King and I. Mollie flirted with EVERYONE in the restaurant and tried yellow curry with tofu. We then traveled another 1.5 hours to the Island. She did have a bit of a melt-down, but the Karl application on David's IPhone saved the day.

There was nothing like seeing Mollie's eyes light up at the sight of the ocean. She smiled, kicked, and said, "Mmm". She ate sand, got sand EVERYWHERE, and kicked the waves as they tickled the shore. She saw crabs on the beach, went to the Tidelands Center on Jekyll and the Sea Turtle Rehab Center, and she now knows "turtle". I think that she made friends with about 200 people during our vacation. She waved at them, shrieked at them, and made sounds and gestures that they thought was her blowing kisses. She definitely knows how to work the crowd. I wonder who she got that from?

Here are a few pictures from our trip- I'll post more in another blog.

Mollie Preferred Eating in a Big Chair

Posing in the Shirt I Wore on the Beach
While Pregnant with Mollie Last Year

Such a Sweetie!

My Wild Baby

Enjoying an Evening on the Beach