Family Photo - St. Simons Island

Family Photo - St. Simons Island

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Back to Work

I have had twelve weeks to prepare myself for tomorrow, yet I am in shock. Tomorrow, I am going back to work teaching music at my elementary school. Throughout my maternity leave, I have tried to not think about November 2nd. I wanted to savor every moment with Mollie- even the ones where I was so tired that I tried to nurse the pillow laying beside me in the middle of the night. I cannot believe that I will get up tomorrow, leave at 7 and not get home to see her until 3:30.

I feel very fortunate that she will be with my mother. I trust her, and I know she will do what is best for Mollie. There are just so many variables that are stressing me out:
Will she melt down when I leave?
Will she freak out when she wakes up from a nap, and I am not there?
Will she have enough to eat?
Will she take 3 or 4 bottles during the day when she has only had one bottle at a time in the middle of the night?
Will my Mom be able to interpret her cries?
Will she sing to her?
How will pumping at work go?
Will I get enough milk?
Will I be able to hide in my closet without a fifth grader opening the door?
Will I be able to eat my lunch and pump and have enough time in lunch break that is less than 30 minutes?
Will I have time to pump while utilizing my planning time?
Will I have time to pump at the end of the day too?
Will I get to have some "happy awake time" with my baby when I get home, or will she be fussy and mad?
AND Will I be able to keep my mind on doing a good job at work in the middle of all of it???

I will be so glad when I am home tomorrow afternoon with my baby girl snuggled up in my arms. I have to think of that and not everything else. Wish me luck. I need lots of happy thoughts and prayers.


heatherlowerydesigns said...

Just wanted you to know I'm praying for you today (and the next few days and weeks) as you transition back to work!

Rachel said...

Thanks, Heather! It went better than I thought it would. :)

Gincy said...

How was yesterday? I was thinking about you. We don't have short term disability here-so I had to go back to work in September. Although I was used to it, because I had left Liliana at the sitter-it was so much harder with him being smaller (She was born in May and was almost 4 months when she went to sitter). Hope it wasn't too hard..

Helen said...

All over praying for you. Was it okay?

Rachel said...

Everything went okay. The day went quickly- especially since I was hooked up to a pump for half of it! Gotta love hanging out topless in my closet. Thanks for all of your prayers!