Family Photo - St. Simons Island

Family Photo - St. Simons Island

Saturday, October 31, 2009


Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. I LOVE having an excuse to put on a costume and eat candy. Since my birthday is October 30th, my Mom managed to have my parties on Halloween a lot when I was a child. My friends wore costumes, and the entire group went trick-or-treating together. It was so much fun! This holiday has taken on a whole new meaning now.

Mollie has two Halloween onesies, two costumes, and two bibs. It just happened that way! She started out as Baby Bear (we were Mama and Papa bear), but she got hot quite quickly.

Today, we ditched the bear costumes for Redcoat paraphenalia. David and I wore UGA/Redcoat shirts, and Mollie wore her amazing Redcoat uniform that my cousin Rebecca made. I must say how talented Rebecca is. I think she could make anything out of cloth. Anything! She made the bustle for my wedding dress that seemed to have an AWOL bustle when we bought it. She can make amazing costumes. I'm just in awe of her ability. Thanks, Rebecca!

I will always remember sharing my favorite holiday with Mollie for the first time. I have enjoyed watching her study the orange lights, smile at David in a witch's hat with a green wig, and not seemed phased at all by the scary monster heads with light-up eyes.

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