Family Photo - St. Simons Island

Family Photo - St. Simons Island

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Boppy's, Bumbo's, Bouncers, and More!

Everyone has said that babies don't need much. I have honestly tried to believe them. Yes, they don't need anything but food, warmth, and diapers, but I have found that babies certainly LIKE to have more. I know we live in a materialistic society; I don't want my daughter to HAVE to have lots of stuff. However, I have foundthat certain things put a great big grin on her face. Look at the sense of accomplishment on her face in her Bumbo seat as she sits up like a big girl for the first time. I am not thrilled that I didn't find a used one for her, saving a few dollars, but I am so glad that we got her one. She LOVES it. The dog loved it too.
We are now not only home to a new baby, but we are also home to two Boppy's. My mother even has a Boppy at her house. What is a Boppy? A magical pillow to prop a mother's weakened arms from toting a growing baby for countless hours. It makes me wish that I had a boppy for my belly while pregnant. Wait. I did. I had a Boppy pregnancy wedge and a boppy sleeping pillow- both for nighttime. Why doesn't Boppy have a pillow for bellies during the daytime? Mollie also has a Boppy newborn lounger that has been wonderful. It is like a giant fluffy beanbag (only a pillow) that she can snuggle into.
Speaking of Boppy's... Did I mention that we also have a boppy bouncer seat? Yes, they make bouncer seats. Who is this Ms. Boppy? She must be loaded. Anyway, WE LOVE our Boppy bouncer. Many a-night has come that Mollie has not been fussy nor has she wanted to sleep. So, her patient doting daddy has sat-up with her in the kitchen: she in her boppy seat and he beside her watching old episodes of Family Guy via hulu on the computer. As a music teacher, the songs it plays are enough to make me ill, but my baby loves it, so I can't complain. I dare say that I am starting to find them catchy. That's another story...
Lastly, I must mention the ever-faithful techno-color swing. At first, Mollie wasn't that into it. She just didn't like it. David made a few attempts at getting her to fall asleep in it when she was just a couple weeks old due to Harvey Karp's promise of the Happiest Baby on the Block. That did not make our child the Happiest Baby on the Block! Finally, a few weeks ago, she started to show interest in the Rainforest mobile on the top. Then, I made the brilliant discovery that Mollie enjoys the swing when it goes side-to-side. Coupled with the "sleepy" music instead of the "happy awake" music, it gets her doped up, and before we know it, she's out! This has been a blessing. Everyday, around lunchtime, I set her in the swing with the magical combination of settings, and she passes out. I get to eat my lunch! It's wonderful. I don't know who enjoys it more, Mollie or me!
So, who needs all this stuff? It is true... when Mollie NEEDS something, she needs our arms, a blanket, food, or a clean diaper. She doesn't NEED anything else. We always needs to remember that. I have to remind myself not to get caught-up in the weekly Babies 'R Us flier that shows up in our mailbox. We have to balance the what only comes at the store with what only comes from us. Mommy and Daddy have all that Mollie needs. I want her to always know and trust that. Wal-Mart and Target don't sell love!
Mollie may only be a few weeks old, but she has already figured that out.
All good things must come to an end...


James H said...

Ohcute baby. I was googling and found your blog and gave yall a shout out

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The Middleton's said...

Love the pictures!!! She has a beautiful smile!