Family Photo - St. Simons Island

Family Photo - St. Simons Island

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Laughter and Smiles

I always thought it was precious to see a baby smile. Everyone wants to be the one to get a big toothless grin shot their way or hear a silly giggle erupt from a tiny body. We have been anxiously awaiting those occasions. Mollie started smiling a few weeks ago, and we receive each smile like it is a prize.

When Mollie first laughed last Sunday, October 25th, it was almost unbelievable. It just happened. Now, each laugh is like a giant seal of approval. When Mollie laughs, we know we have made it. We know we are actually doing something right for her. Parenthood is such a struggle. That sweet little chuckle is enough to make the worst sleepless night a dream come true. Now, if only we could stop embarrassing ourselves by acting ridiculous so that we can get more laughs from her! (I.E. making raspberries with our lips as I did in this video.)


megan said...

Awh, she has the cutest little giggle! And being embarrassed parents is part of the fun! :D

Jennifer said...

She is so adorable. There are cute babies and then there are REALLY beautiful babies. Your's was beautiful from the very first moment!

Plus, you've got a great camera, which helps even more!

The Middleton's said...

SOOO CUTE!! She is beautiful! I think Mollie is a smart baby! You guys are doing great!

Rachel said...

Thanks you guys! She cracks us up all the time with her giggles.

Gincy said...

how fun!! LOVE the shirt! :) :) I actually squealed myself when I saw it! Carter's laughs are so funny..he gets so excited that only a very small amount of sound comes out...which makes us laugh even more!